Sunday, February 17, 2008

C&P programs should be more like Whistler hosts

Our family had the pleasure of skiing in Whistler, BC in February. We appreciated the "mountain hosts" who help skiers find their way down based on their interest, expectations and skill. They'll even ski down with first-timers to show the way. They make you feel welcome and safe.

So many new patients leave the doctor's office with a new Rx and the best of intentions, only to see their enthusiasm wane after it's challenged by a comment from a friend, a headline in a paper, a long wait line at the pharmacy, complicated dosing instructions, or the force of habit setting in.

If you're afraid to ski down a steep run at Whistler, a discount or raincheck card won't get you to the bottom any faster or safer. You need help: motivation that you can do it, knowledge of what's ahead, skills rehearsal so you can make a turn, tools like goggles to help you see; personalized reinforcement and feedback will also help. What do you think?