Sunday, March 30, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Pharmacists are Better C&P Champions

1. They want to help
Many younger Pharm D's went into Pharmacy to play an active role in patient care, not just "count, fill and lick". A survey published 15 months ago revealed that Pharmacists would like to spend 42% more time on patient counselling and 40% less time dispensing and on third-party payer issues.

2. They need to differentiate
Many community pharmacies need to differentiate their stores from large chains and mail order in order to improve their store's value proposition to customers. These chains will need to provide value that goes beyond low prices in order to remain relevant to their clientele.

3. They are closest to patients
The biggest threats to C&P occur during the first 100 days of therapy. During the first 100 days, they are likely to see patients four times, whereas the patient's physician is unlikely to see them at all.

4. They can follow Rx renewals better than doctors
Pharmacists have the operating systems necessary to flag non-persistence, at least through refill information. Only payers have similar data, and payers rarely focus on the first 100 days of therpay on a brand.

5. They can help when help is most needed
At the counter, on the phone, no appointment necessary; when side effects occur, when Rx not refilled, when reimbursement is a problem.

6. They are cost-effective
Pharmacists are small business people who know how to use their time for the best results.

7. It is legal
Pharmacists can be reimbursed by sponsors for tasks that are not in their normal scope of work.

8. Patients trust them
Pharmacists are stable members of their community, often a community that is cultural as well as geographic. Insurance plans may affect which doctor patients can see, but patients decide which Pharmacist to see.

9. They have a complete patient perspective
Many patients see different doctors for different conditions. Pharmacists fill prescriptions for all of them. Compliance habits for one drug will often translate well to another condition.

10. They need and appreciate non-filling revenue
Squeezed by filling reimbursment many indpendent pharmacies and Pharmacists are seeking non-filling revenue.