Thursday, May 01, 2008

2009 Brand Planning Process: C&P

Background Issues in C&P Planning

Here's what's on a few marketers' minds as thoughts turn to 2009...

1. Understanding NRx patients
What are NRx patients' challenges at the start of therapy? Price? Fear? Denial? Habit? Memory? Depression? Skepticism? Family conflict?

2. Prescriber appreciation of the brand
What's our C&P positioning & promise? Are we helping prescribers consider C&P before prescribing and helping them take a closer look at adherence before they switch a patient?

3. Field access to prescribers/office relationships
Are prescribers tired of brand detailing but open to a wider discussion that involves adherence messaging across all our brands?

5. Pharmacist appreciation of the brand
Are therapeutic substitutions or step-editing big challenges for our brand? Do Pharmacists know that our C&P support program is a big part of what makes the brand bigger than the molecule?