Monday, September 08, 2008

Metabolic Syndrome Update from AHA

The complexity of patient adherence support is underscored by the AHA update on Metabolic Syndrome. Are standard patient support programs equipped to address linguistic, cultural and gender differences?

Revealing stats about Metabolic Syndrome:
Overall, prevalence is 46% among adults 60 - 69 yrs
Mexican Americans have the highest age-adjusted prevalence at 32%
Among Mexican Americans, women had a 26% higher prevalence than men
Among African Americans, women had a 57% higher prevalence than men

Know someone with Metabolic Syndrome?
40+ inch waist in men, 35+ inch waist in women
Triglycerides above 150
HDL below 40 in men, 50 in women
BP of 130/85 or higher - or on treatment for HT
Fasting plasma glucose level at or above 100