Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paying, Reading & Remembering & Refills are Barriers to Adherence in Diabetes

"Paying for medications (34%), remembering doses (31%), reading prescription labels (21%) and obtaining refills (21%) were the most common adherence challenges, according to the researchers."

"Key questions to ask patients to assess their adherence are the following:

Q. What are you taking this medication for?
Assesses their understanding of the medication and how it helps their condition and potential for self discontinuation.

Q. How and when do you currently take your medication?
Assesses their adherence to therapy and if they are getting maximum benefit from their therapy.

Q. What have you noticed different since you started this medication?
Assesses adverse effects and potential adherence concerns.

Q. What situations interfere with you taking your medication as prescribed?
Assesses barriers to adherence and provides opportunity for open dialog to allow patient to identify solutions. "


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