Saturday, October 04, 2008

Compliance, Persistence, Concordance: Who Cares?

In his blog, Dr. Alan Showalter hits the nail on the head once again. One of the deepest thinkers about C&P shares his frustration on Politically Correct nomenclature that describes how nobody likes taking medicine. Couldn't agree more.

We need to develop a universal symbol / snomed code / word / icon / brand, to describe the core issue of why most people: a.) don't fill a new prescription, b. don't refill a prescription more than twice, c.) fool themselves, their pharmacists and their doctors about how well they take their medicine.

The words 'adherence', 'compliance', 'persistence', 'concordance' are not the right starting points for developing solutions. The core issue is medication adoption. The problem starts when people choose to partake in a regimen; confirming their belief in the diagnosis. Researchers and entrepreneurs have been focused on a smoke cloud, when they should be focusd on the smoke stack. Compliance, persistence, adherence and concordance are the smoke cloud. Medication Adoption Syndrome is the smoke stack.