Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Consumers Wary of Rx Switches: Pharmacists Think Twice When Brand Offers Patient Support

"According to a new survey released by the National Consumers League (NCL) today, nearly three-quarters of prescription drug users would be very concerned if a drug they were prescribed was switched to another drug designed to treat the same condition without their doctor's knowledge. Even with their doctor's knowledge, one in five surveyed are concerned about the practice, known as therapeutic substitution, the dispensing of an alternative to a prescribed medication that is not chemically or generically equivalent but is in the same therapeutic class and is used to treat the same condition."


Related to this, Pleio internal research revealed last month that younger pharmacists would be reluctant to recommend a therapeutic substitute if the patient prescribed a branded drug was also involved in a patient support program intended to enhance adherence and outcomes. We'll be exploring this topic more pharmacist opinion research.

More About Therapeutic Substitution:
"Ultimately, pharmacists must rely on their own judgment when making a generic substitution. They should be alert to several factors that may affect safety and efficacy." LINK