Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Most original C&P solution ever

Tuberculosis, antibiotics, cell phones, secret messages, peeing and prizes: a recipe for success in compliance and persistence. Jose Gomez-Marquez, program director for the Innovations in International Health program at M.I.T., along with his colleagues there, deserve credit.

"They figured out a simple paper-based test that detects metabolites of the TB drug in urine.” So if you take the drug and pee on a special piece of paper, a secret message appears. If you don’t take the drug, you can pee on it all you want, but it will not reveal the secret message. Every time the drug taker texts the secret message to the people in charge, he earns a prize, like cell phone minutes or cash."

An Ingenious Approach to Drug Compliance - Freakonomics Blog -