Monday, May 11, 2009

Conference Report: New C&P Programs Connect Multiple Tactics

CBI's adherence conference in Philadelphia April 28 & 29 attracted 120 participants involved in adherence program sponsorship, development, distribution and analytics.

Pharma adherence experts like Steve Basiago from Walgreens, Tracy Clemmer (Merck), Richard Baron (Boehringer Ingelheim), Neil Potter (Pfizer), Jeff Haresnape (GSK), Tom Brown (BMS) and Nicole Gaul from Sanofi Aventis and Lovena Chaput from Amylin shared their views with peers and suppliers like McKesson, Dendrite, Pleio and others. On day one, several presenters outlined the latest thinking on adherence program design and metrics while day two focused more on workshops and afternoon discussion groups. My Day 1 Takeaway: Adherence programs are getting smarter and more customized to patient needs than ever. My Day 2 Takeaway: Pharma wants to focus on the patients' first 100 days of therapy, and everyone wants support getting programs through legal approval. What were your takeaways from the conference?

I had the pleasure of hosting a lively roundtable workshop on collaborative development of adherence programs using a case-based approach. Based on the adherence campaign maps submitted by ten small teams in the workshop, it seems the trend in C and P is moving away from learning materials and other isolated outputs towards a blended, multi-channel approach that focuses on the first 3-4 months of a new prescription. No team had less than seven interventions over the patient's first 100 days of therapy, and all teams utilized at least four ways of reaching out to the patient. Personal interactions with real people, not just IVRs, provided the connection between assorted products and services including reminders, information pamphlets, and financial incentives. What were your takeaways from the conference?

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Note: I like it when adherence conferences coincide with Springsteen concerts: LINK