Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Automated Letters and Robo-calls Fail to Stimulate Adherence

One of the most recent attempts to improve adherence has come up short. In this particular intervention, 1867 patients with osteoporosis and 436 primary care physicians were studied. The intervention group received letters and automated telephone calls, while their physicians received education by trained pharmacists. The control patients and physicians received no education. MPR was assessed at 10 months after the start of the intervention. The average MPRs were nearly identical between groups with 74% (IQR, 19%-93%) for intervention and 73% (IQR, 0%-93%) for controls. The median number of days to discontinuation post-intervention were 85 (IQR, 58-174 days) and 79 (IQR, 31-158) respectively.