Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NZ Study Shows 93% of ePrescriptions Written Were Filled Within a Week

Researchers in Auckland, New Zealand suggest a simple screening method that could be used to direct attention to those with the greatest adherence challenges.

"RESULTS: Out of 646 patients prescribed at least one of the six medications by the practice during the 15-month period, 50% of patients maintained high adherence (MPR >/= 80%) to all (out of the 6) medications that they were prescribed over the period, with rates of high adherence to individual medications ranging from 68 (felodopine) to 55% (metformin). In 93% of 4043 cases where there was a prescription in the general practice data, a subsequent dispensing record for the same patient and drug was present with a time-stamp no more than seven days later. PPR < 80% demonstrated a positive predictive value (PPV) of 81.4% (95%CI 78-85%) and negative predictive value (NPV) of 76.3% (95%CI 73-79%) for MPR < 80%."